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the law because they feel like they are losing is wrong. what? by ensuring that all voters get to cast ballots? why on earth would a republican governor want to decrease early voting? well, it could be because the democrats aren't losing, they're actually kicking butt in early voting. according to an internal obama campaign document today that is exactly the case. here's what that document reveal reveals. in florida over a third of expected voters have already voted. as you can see early voters 50% voting for president obama. obama, 44% for mitt romney. election day that means mitt romney has to get 53% of the vote in florida if he's going to win. so that is a pretty hefty tag to run up. that's all according to the obama campaign. in iowa over a third of voters have already voted there. and among those early voters, you can see 64% of those are supporting barack obama. 35% of them are supporting mitt romney. and that means that mitt romney is going to need to win 59% of election-day voters. in north carolina, nearly half of all ballots have already been cast. and of those who have alr
and the first responders whether they be firemen or health-care workers, law enforcement, they are local people employed by local governments. is no replacement for local or state officials, and in florida we have some tremendous responses by both sides in all of these areas, but there is also a very special role for the federal government, and when we sigh in new york the subway system, the element of infrastructure that will be required to be built the financing that will be required. the federal government no doubt will have to play an important role. also the logistics of moving huge amounts of food and equipment that is needed oftentimes the federal government can be a partner with the local officials. governor christie talked about the role of the us army of engineers. and again, this is a rue neek role of the government. >> jennifer: well, it will be very interesting to see. i strongly believe the momentum is in the president's favor in florida. glad you are confirming that. thank you so much for joining manager inside of "the war room." >> joy: up next he
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)